Collection"JE T'AIME" - "I LOVE YOU"
250 numbered jewelry (2009):

The jewel "I love you" is not a jewel like no other. It is a work of deep reflection of the artist.

It contains the three-dimensional engraving of the phrase "I love you."
This phrase immortalized in the purity of the crystal is an awareness and appreciation for life.

The recorded voice is that of Gilles AZZARO, which through its creation, is the message that we passed just not exist without it, and even though life has its challenges, what happiness we have to be, of to love and to be loved.




The registered 3D blade sound can be heard with a mobile phone by scanning the QR printed on the certificate of authenticity or directly with the sound card that came with the gem code:


- A green bamboo orange
- A crystal plate containing 3D engraving of the phrase "I Love You"
(length 75 mm x 21 mm wide x 9 mm thick)
- A choker silver

Un fourreau - alcantara - contenant :
- A sound card
- A certificate of authenticity with the number of jewelry.