(2018) :

BETWEEN EARTH and SKY is a meaningful work full of symbolism.

This is the 3D representation of the balance, showing exactly where the happiness is:

Between Earth and Heaven. The sculpture rests on a foundation proper to the man: the imbalance and the instability.

This one was built in such a way that it can be unbalanced easily: the base is not a perfect parallepidède, the speakers are deliberately not centered, and the two bars now the bases are not aligned.

The plexiglass bubble that protects this 3D printing in electromagnetic levitation is also distorted. Yet there is a balance that builds on very unstable foundations.



Techniques :   Digital milling / 3D printing / electronics.
Materials :   Wood / Metal / PLA
Dimensions :    
Lenght :   560 mm
Width :   560 mm
Height :   1300 mm